The Six Best Courses for Direct Sellers

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Taking a direct sales course is a great way to expand your work related skills. Being a direct sales consultant requires a very diverse array of skills to be successful. I'm pretty good at the business and bookkeeping end but when I started direct sales the idea of creating my own graphic or logo seemed impossible and a funnel cake was more familiar than funnel strategy. Over the course of my direct sales career I've taken an array of courses to help strengthen my business. Here is my list of the ones that helped me the most. Some are free and some cost money. Those that I paid for were well worth the expense for my business.

Funnel Strategy

In direct sales we want people to buy our product, host our parties and join our teams. But how do we funnel (or move) them to our website, group or page so they can do that? That's where your funnel strategy is important. This $39 course in understanding funnel strategy will help you develop techniques using your social channels, lead magnets and more.

Social Media

Even if you plan to have an entirely or primarily in person business (in-person parties, open houses, vendor events, etc) you will want to promote your events on social media.  If you run an online business you will definitely want to brush up on or hone your social media skills. A great place to start is the Socialite Suite. It's a free Facebook community made to help you do just that.

When I started in direct sales I was pretty comfortable with using Facebook but I didn't have an Instagram account and really only used my Pinterest account to look for Minecraft crafts for my sons. Now both these social media channels are important parts of my funnel strategy. I highly recommend these Instagram ($45) and Pinterest courses. The maker of the pinterest course also offers a free mini-Pinterest course which is a great place to start on this channel.


In direct sales you need to stand out.  Having a unique personal brand is great way to stand out and become memorable.  The personal branding video course ($39) from Sassy Suite is the perfect introduction to the ins and outs of personal branding.  It will help you analyze your ideal client and develop a content strategy that makes you memorable to her.

Branding also means having amazing and unique images.  The Brand Yo'Self with Suite Graphics video course can help you do just that.  It is $79 and will help you create a eye catching images that are distinctly yours and also show you how watermark you images (and teach you why that's important). If that price is too high or you want to get a taste of the course first then check out the free mini  create your suite design board mini-course  It will help you get started with your branding by creating a brand board.


If you are new to direct sales or just need a little (or a lot) help managing your business MYOB- Mind Your Own Business for Direct Sellers may be the course for you.  The course is $59 and is jam packed with info on the topics of administration, "money matters", human resources, marketing, and customer service.

Time Management

Time management is hard for anyone and when you are working for yourself (usually in your own home) it can be hard to be efficient.  This FREE time management mini course delivered via e-mail offered some great tips to help me be more efficient.  If you need to really refine your efficiency skills I highly recommend the mastering efficiency mastermind.  In this extensive mastermind you will receive both expert and peer support in achieving your goals efficiently.

the six best courses for direct sellers

Everything (and a Lot of Support Too)

For general direct sales support on everything plus your fellow direct sellers cheering you on elite suite is the place to go. Every weekday this group offers video coaching on social media skills, graphics and more from both their seasoned coaches and their guest coaches. The guest coaches are direct direct sellers who offer their wisdom on how they use the strategies discussed in their businesses. The Facebook group also offers challenges and constant interaction and support from the peers and coaches.

It is currently $19.99 per month and worth every penny. Joining Elite Suite was a game changer in business and it might be in yours too.

What's Next?

Whether you a new direct seller or you have been doing it for years I hope you will find some of these courses helpful in expanding or refining your business. Also be sure to check out my article on the tools I use to run my direct sales businesses. And if you're ready to move to the top of the social media pyramid then check out my article on blogging for direct sales . As always, make sure to reach out if you have any questions!

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