Why You Should Be Blogging For Your Direct Sales Business

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It’s probably no surprise that I’m a fan of blogging.  Blogging is a great way to share your unique viewpoint with the world and a great creative outlet.  But what exactly can blogging do for your direct sales business?  With a well designed and properly marketed blog you can increase sales and recruits for your direct sales business.  Let’s take a look at some reason that direct sales blogging might be for you.

Blogging is at the Top of the Social Media Pyramid

Blogging is definitely at the top of the social media pyramid but what exactly does that mean?  Compared to Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram far fewer people blog.  Depending on your direct sales business there may only be a dozen or so bloggers.  Even if there are hundreds of bloggers for your company that may compare to tens of thousands of company representatives on Facebook or Instagram.  Blogging allows you to be memorable (especially with great branding). It is a great way to really stand out and allow your unique point of view about your direct sales company to be heard.  Blogging also lets you be easily searchable.  Because we all want to be on google page 1!

why you should be blogging for your direct sales business

Blogging is a Huge Funnel

Your blog is just a giant funnel to wherever you want it to go.  Whether you want to guide people to your replicated website, an opportunity group, your newsletter, or a VIP group you can tailor your blog posts to get people there.  Compelling and interesting blog posts with strong calls to action can lead people to your funnel endpoints.  These posts can potentially generate more sales or more interest in joining your company under you.

I’m In, Now What?

So you are ready to start a blog (or start exploring it as a feasible option).  I highly recommend a self hosted WordPress blog.  This allows you to really own your own website and blog, customize it pretty much any way you want, and monetize it any way you  want.  A self hosted WordPress blog allows for monetization through affiliate links and also through plugins that can turn your blog into an e-commerce site.

Starting a blog does not have to be overwhelming.  It may take a little work to get your blog going but it is well worth the reward.  I highly recommend The Purple Teacup’s blogging programs.  I started my blog with their blogging bootcamp.  Not only does the course get you set up but also teaches you to be comfortable updating and changing your blog (because we all know branding, companies and ideas can all change).

I’d love to talk to your more about my experience as a direct sales blogger and what it has done for my business.  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or just want to chat! If you are already blogging definitely check out my post about blog topics and I also use some other great tools for direct sellers that you can check out here.

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