Becoming A Paisley Raye Stylist: Is it for you?

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Paisley Raye is an awesome clothing direct sales company.  Paisley Raye offers stylish, high quality clothing that fits all sizes. Being a Paisley Raye Stylist is fun and rewarding but is it right for you? Here are a few things to consider:

Ground Floor Opportunity

Paisley Raye is just getting started!  Currently there are less than 100 stylists.  What does that mean?  There is is almost 0% saturation and a chance for YOU to spread this amazing new line of clothing.


Clothing is purchased at approximately 45-55% of retail cost.  Factor in other expenses and you can expect a minimum 40% profit.  In addition to sales stylists can build a team and be compensated on their downline.

The Cost

Right now to become a Paisley Raye stylist you need to purchase a startup kit.  There are two options for startup kits.  One option is to start with approximately 100 pieces for $2500.  The second option is to purchase a $5500 startup kit with approximately 200 pieces in it.  The numbers are approximate because YOU get to pick what comes in the kit.  You will work with the corporate office and your sponsor to pick the products right for your boutique.  To continue as a Paisley Raye stylist you will need to purchase wholesale 22 pieces per month.

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Also, consider how much time you have to put into your business.  This is very much a business where you will get out what you put into it so make sure your expectations for how much you wish to make are in line with how much time you have to put into this business.

Choosing a Sponsor

There are lots of considerations when you chose your sponsor.  The first consideration is obviously personal.  You need to find someone who you like personally.  You need someone who you are comfortable asking questions to and "pumping" for info.  Another consideration is geographic.  Do you want someone local to you or do you not care?  You also have to think about how big a team you will be on.  Do you want a sponsor with a few people under them or one hundred?  There are advantages to both.  Also remember that even if your sponsor has only a few people under them you may have an upline who has more.

What's Next?

If you would like more info on becoming a Paisley Raye Stylist or have any questions I'd be happy to answer them.  I'd love to help you get started on your Paisley Raye journey. If you are ready to sign up you can visit the Paisley Raye website and fill out the info form (if you'd like me to be your sponsor you can note that there).  From there you'll be contacted by the corporate office to set up a video conference call and we'll get you started.  For some tips on starting your journey visit Tips for Starting Your Paisley Raye Journey and be sure to check out the boutique!

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