Join Paisley Raye for Only $1500

Now is an amazing time to join Paisley Raye.  This great new clothing direct sales company still has less than 200 stylists and the most stylish, on-trend, made in the USA clothes you could ask for.  Now for a limited time only Paisley Raye is offering a special start up kit for only $1500.

This special kit will contain $1500 (wholesale) worth of amazing Paisley Raye Pieces curated by the home office.  This is available only if you sign up now through January 15th.   Unlike our standard kits which are $2500 or $5500 you will not get to pick your own pieces BUT home office is taking care to curate amazing start up kits.  If you’d like more info on joining Paisley Raye I would love to help.  I have been a direct sales clothing seller for over two years and I have a robust online and in person business and I would love to help you start your business as well.  You can fill out an interest form or contact me with any questions.

Also be sure to check out my article on considerations for joining The clothing is amazing an so on-trend with seasonal releases.  There are also some great benefits as a stylist including stock pictures, a supportive home office ans more.  For the practical side of joining be sure to check out my article on how to join Paisley Raye.

Start Your Paisley Raye Journey for Only $1500

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