The Paisley Raye Influencer Program

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Paisley Raye just unveiled their newest program and it looks awesome.  The influencer program is aimed at instagrammers, bloggers, vloggers and others with active social media followers. This program is great for Paisley Raye lovers to share their love for the product but also for those new to Paisley Raye who are ready to check out the product for their followers.

Once accepted to the program the influencer will receive a free piece of Paisley Raye in exchange for the influencer showcasing to their followers.  They will be given a unique link (like with other affiliate programs) and will receive a commission when consumers purchase Paisley Raye products through their link.

if you are new to Paisley Raye we offer high quality, American made clothing for women of all shapes and sizes.  Paisley Raye is sold via independent stylists and this new program may also be a great stepping stone towards becoming a stylist for some people.  But it doesn’t have to be!  With commission rate of up to 18% this program is great for influencers just looking to add more revenue streams.

If you are considering joining the program I’d love to chat about it.   Feel free to message me for more info or check out this link for how to apply (be sure to say Laura sent you)!

paisley raye influencer program

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