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If you are thinking of becoming a Paisley Raye stylist or are already in the queue you are probably wondering what supplies you will need. The good news is that you don't really need that many Paisley Raye Supplies to start your business.  You will need somewhere to store the clothes, lighting for great pictures, shipping supplies and business cards and other paper supplies.


The first thing you will need when you become a Paisley Raye stylist is somewhere to store the clothes.  Most Paisley Raye Stylists carry between 100 and 200 pieces.  These can easily be stored in a closet or on racks.  Either way you will also need hangars.  Velvet hangers are generally the best and safest for the clothes.  I currently use a double rack from Amazon for the majority of my stock.  I also have a single rack because some vendor events only have room for a single rack and it is also nice to have a place to store in progress outfits.  I also keep some back stock in Ikea Bags.  These bags also double as a great way to transport your inventory to in home pop-ups or vendor events.


One of the great things about Paisley Raye is that they provide stock photos of all their pieces.  But you will probably still want to take your own flatlays.  Flatlays are a great way to showcase outfits and how pieces can be worn in real life with accessories.  Currently white backgrounds are in fashion which makes life easy.  Grab a white sheet or I use a white folding table on the ground (so I don't have to worry about wrinkling).  One thing that is required of white backgrounds is great lighting.  There are several options of which I have used two.  I currently use a ring light which is an easy and compact option.  Previously I used a light kit which contains three lights and two umbrellas.  The disadvantage to the light kit is it is bigger but the advantage is it is much less expensive.

Shipping Supplies

If you are planning to do any online sales (shopify, FB group, etc) you will need a way to ship and mailers.  High quality poly mailers that will hold up well in transit are key.  I currently use these fun pink ones but there are lots of colorful and fun options.  You will also want some flat rate mailers which you can get from your post office or  You will also be printing labels.  If you are planning to do a lot of shipping you may not want to print on your regular printer but invest in a labelwriter.  I use a Dymo and it saves my time and sanity.

Business Cards

Lastly, you will want business cards and possibly thank you cards as well.  I use vistaprint to print my business cards.  There are lots of options for having your logo and cards made for you (etsy, fiver, etc.)  I designed my own logo and cards on PicMonkey using the methods taught in the Brand Yo'Self with Suite Graphics video course.  This is an amazing course for developing your branding and learning to make your own graphics that will stand out in social media.  If the price is too steep they also have a free mini course that will get your branding started.

Optional: Mannequin

There are two reasons to have a mannequin.  One is to take pictures of the clothes on them.  For many clients this is a great way to see how the pieces will really look.  The other reason to have a mannequin is to showcase the clothes in person at vendor events, pop-ups,etc.  My favorite mannequin is this one and the clothes are often bought right off "her" back.

Be sure to check out my tips for new stylists and if you are still considering whether to become a stylist or not I have a great article about things to consider.  If you have any questions or would like to join my team please let me know!

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