Paisley Raye vs LuLaRoe: Key Similarities and Differences

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Paisley Raye is a brand new clothing direct sales company featuring amazing, on-trend styles.  These styles are made to flatter all body types by using two different patterns (for plus size or not plus size).

There are some obvious similarities between LuLaRoe and Paisley Raye.  They are both direct sales companies specializing in women’s clothes.  They have a similar clientele and price points and both have a primarily female group of stylists/consultants.  But that’s where the similarities end.  Here are a few of the key differences:

Company Size

Right now Paisley Raye has about 130 stylists. While the plan is to grow the founders are taking care not to onboard stylists too quickly out of respect for those stylists already working.

Size of Inventory

Most Paisley Raye stylists are carrying much smaller inventories than the average LuLaRoe consultant (In fact most stylists who made the switch are carrying smaller inventories now).  Why? Paisley Raye focuses on a boutique model.  Stylists are not encouraged to carry large amounts in each size of all styles but instead focus on turning over more of the smaller inventory that they are carrying.

Paisley Raye versus LuLaRoe

Stock Pictures

Paisley Raye provides individual stock pictures of all inventory sent to the stylist!!  Yes, stylists still take outfit pictures and flatlays but they save time and energy by having the individual pictured already done for them.


Paislet Raye has about a dozen “Hall of Fame” styles that are permanent.  These are the basic styles that are wardrobe staples.  Then the company releases new styles seasonally in order to stay on trend and exciting.  These launched are planned and with advance warning given.


Because the clothes are made in the USA the head designer can closely supervise production and make sure it is up to the highest standards.  If a fit needs to be adjusted she can head over to the factory and adjust it.  Since the clothing is made in California there is also a very quick lead time to produce more. If the stylists need more of a particular style Paisley Raye can get it into production relatively quickly and not waste time shipping across the world and importing.

Start Up Cost

LulaRoe's start up cost is approximately $5000.  Paisley Raye offers two start up options.  The first is the larger $2500 but there are also a smallers start up package costing as low as 500.  Since Paisley Raye consultants generally carry lower inventory numbers the smaller package is still a great option.

What's Next?

I would love to answer any questions you have or talk to you more about my journey from LuLaRoe to Paisley Raye.  If you would like to chat just fill out my interest more and we can talk more about whether becoming a Paisley Raye Stylist is right for you.  

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