Seven Things to Do In the Paisley Raye Queue

paisley raye queue

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Yay!  You've signed up to be a Paisley Raye stylist! (or are seriously considering it).  Currently the queue is averaging 4-6 weeks so here are a few ideas to help make that time productive and get you prepped for your business!!

Setup Your E-mail and Social Media Channels

First, review the policy and procedure for the correct way to name your e-mail and social media channels.  For most channels it is "paisley raye boutique name".   Then set up (or convert) all the social channels you want to your new business!

Decide on Your Branding

That was easy but this takes a little more thought.  Paisley Raye allows you to have your own boutique name and branding (within the branding guidelines).   First, review the branding guidelines and begin to brainstorm ideas for your boutique name, logo and other branding (fonts, colors, etc.).  If you need guidance in this I highly recommend the Brand Yo' Self Course.  You also will want to consider making your own graphics.  I use the Canva and PicMonkey apps to make all my graphics.

Gather Your Supplies

You will need to decide how you are going to store your clothes.  I personally use hangars on racks for most items and under-bed storage bins for some tops.  If I am taking my inventory to an event or pop-up I use the blue zip-up Ikea bags so if that is something you are planning to do you may want to grab a few of those.  Now that you have your branding you will also want to get your advertising supplies such as business cards and thank you notes.  There are lots of ways to print out graphics.  I created my cards using PicMonkey and then printed them through Vistaprint.

Apply For the Appropriate State Licenses

In order to sell Paisley Raye you will need a sales tax license and/or wholesale certificate.  This is highly state to state specific so you will want to research with your state/county and possibly an attorney or accountant to make sure you have all the required licenses prior to your onboarding date.

Set Up Bookkeeping and Inventory Management Systems

As an independent stylist you will need to handle your own finances.  I use Mint to do my bookkeeping and lots of stylists like QuickBooks but those are just two options.  You may also want to meet with an accountant if you are unsure about setting up your accounting system.  There are also lots of inventory management options.  I use a spreadsheet (on google sheets) an google drive.  I've also had success using Swiftorder in the past.  What system you chose is personal you just want to make sure you have a running total of what inventory you have in each style and size and a good place to store photos or your current inventory.

Set Goals and Plan Your Strategy

Even before you get your inventory you can set some reasonable goals and plan your strategy.  My article Tips for New Paisley Raye Stylists can guide you through this process if you haven't done it before.  You can even start booking pop-ups or vendor events while you're in the queue (just make sure to leave time for your inventory to arrive)

Talk To Your Sponsor

Now is a great time to touch base with your sponsor.  Make sure to ask all your questions.  A great question is "what else did you do while you were in the queue?"  She may have additional suggestions and be able to help you on any items you are stuck on.

These are just a few ideas of tasks while in the queue but they are some of the most important!  If you are still deciding if Paisley Raye is right for you I'd love to answer your questions and be sure to take a look at my article on considerations when joining!  If you are already a stylist I have some tips for stylists too and if you are a customer I'd love to have you in my VIP group!

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