Ten Questions to Ask A Potential Paisley Raye Sponsor

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Paisley Raye is an exciting new direct sales clothing company making fun and stylish women's clothing made in the USA.  It is also a great opportunity with less than 200 stylists.  One of the important choices you will make when joining Paisley Raye is who will be your sponsor.  Your Paisley Raye sponsor will guide you through the onboarding process and into your Paisley Raye journey.  They will then provide support, encouragement and help for you in your growing business.  It's important to find a sponsor that you are comfortable with and  that you feel can meet your goals and expectations.  These are what I consider to be the most important questions when you choose a sponsor.

Questions About The Company

1.What do you like most about being a Paisley Raye stylist?

This one's fairly basic but always good to hear from the "inside."

2. What do you like least about being a Paisley Raye stylist?

This one is also pretty standard but definitely don't hesitate to ask it and any follow questions about anything that concerns you.

3. What do you wish you could change about Paisley Raye?

This question can give you an idea about what whether Paisley Raye is the right fit and also about the general personality of the potential sponsor.

General Business Questions

4. How much time do you devote to your business?

Understanding how much time they spend on their business is important when then comparing it to how much time you will be spending on your business.  While it's not necessary to have a sponsor who works their business the same amount of time that you will, having someone who understands your business strategy is.

5. What methods do you use to sell?  Online? In home?

It's important to know what methods your sponsor is using and how they compare to what methods you are using.  If you are planning to sell mostly online you may not want a sponsor who only sells at parties and vendor events.

6. What do you feel are the strengths in the business?

In a perfect ideal your sponsor would be strong in everything but everyone has strengths and weaknesses.  Make sure that they are strong (or working to become stronger) at parts of the business that or important to you, or may be weaknesses for you.

7. What aspects of your business are you actively working on improving?

This related question will show how much they are working to improve their business skills and also where their weaknesses are.

8. What is your biggest struggle in your Paisley Raye business?

This is an awesome way to judge where the sponsor is in their business and also a bit about personality (openness, etc.)

Questions about Leadership Style

9. What is your prefered method of communicating with your downline?

This is something that is important you are on the same page with your Paisley Raye sponsor.  If your sponsor does most of her support through a weekly meeting at a time you can't attend then she may not be the sponsor for you.

10. What support do you get from your upline?

While a supportive sponsor is awesome, knowing the vibe and involvement of her upline is also important.  It's important to know whether the sponsor's upline has team meetings, runs challenges or sends out newsletters.  All those things are certainly not necessary but it is good to know which your potential upline uses to communicate.

Those are my 10 questions.  What questions would you add?  Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to ask me 10 (or 100) questions about joining my team.  If you are in the queue I also have an article with some tips and 7 tasks you should be doing while you are still in the queue!

ten questions to ask a potential paisley raye sponsor

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