The Paisley Raye Starter Kits

Paisley Raye What is Paisley Raye

Now is an amazing time to join Paisley Raye! Paisley Raye offer high quality, stylish women’s clothing that is made in the USA. There are less than 200 stylists currently we but growing fast. There are currently three Paisley Raye start up kits to chose from. Let’s take a look at the choices you have when you start your Paisley Raye journey.

Social Sprout

The Social Sprout is our newest start up kit. It was originally only a limited time promotion but is now a great permanent option for those looking to start on a smaller scale. The kit contains 60 pieces. It includes tops, bottoms, layering and seasonal pieces curated by Paisley Raye (this is the one package that is not individually customizable). This package is great for someone looking to work their business part time or grow their inventory later. It is $1500 for the social sprout kit.

Budding Beauty

The Budding Beauty is Paisley Raye’s midsize start up package. It is fully customizable which means you can pick out exactly which styles you think your ideal client wants. With 100 pieces in it you can have a wide array of styles and sizes in your boutique. The Budding Beauty package $2500.

In Full Bloom

The In Full Bloom package is our largest package with 200 pieces. Again, this package is customizable. You will work with your upline and the corporate office to choose the styles that fit your boutique and needs of your customer. I started with this package because I wanted to work my business full time, had room for a large inventory and wanted a wide selection for my customers who were used to a much larger inventory in my previous company. This package worked well for my business but each stylist and boutique will definitely has different have different needs. This package is $5500

What’s Next?

If you are ready to become a stylist I’d love to help you on your journey. You can check out my article on steps to joining and then contact me for more info. If you’re still deciding if the Paisley Raye opportunity is right for you then be sure to check out my post on considerations for joining and ask me any questions you have!

the paisley raye starter kits

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