4 Reasons To Join Paisley Raye Today

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It is a fun and exciting time to join Paisley Raye stylist.  Here are my four big reasons to become a Paisley Raye stylist!

Ground Floor Company

Paisley Raye is new!  Right now there are still less than one hundred stylists.  The Paisley Raye market is certainly not saturated and right now is a great time to spread the word on this fun, new company.

Amazing Clothing

Paisley Raye’s clothing is fun and stylish.  New styles are released seasonally so that the clothes are always on trend.  Paisley Raye uses two different patterns for their plus size and their non-plus size clothing to make sure that their clothing fits great on everyone.  These clothes are also made in the USA and Paisley Raye is very committed to this.

4 Reasons to Join Paisley Raye Today


Paisley Raye offers the flexibility to work full time or part time, online or in person, and on your schedule.  Paisley Raye also has flexible options for your boutique.  You can control how much inventory you carry and what sizes and styles you carry.  There are even two initial inventory options.  One is $2500 and has about 100 pieces or you can startup with about 200 pieces for $5500.  Lastly, you even have the option to have other non-competing products in your boutique.  If you make your own coffee mugs or love jewelry then you can do that too.

Supportive Corporate Office

The corporate brand is focused on helping their stylists succeed.  If you decided to pursue joining and want to set up a zoom call with the corporate office this will shine through.  They are commited to providing the resources neccesary for their stylists to succeed.

Steps to Join

I would love to help you on your Paisley Raye journey by being your sponsor.  I have two years of clothing direct sales experience that I am excited to share with you.  Please reach out if you have any questions or if you are ready to sign up.  If you are ready to start your journey (regardless of sponsor) head on over to the Paisley Raye Page and fill out the form there.  You will be contacted by the corporate office to set up a zoom video chat.  One of the founders will go over the basics with you and you will receive the appropriate forms to join Paisley Raye.  I also have some great tips on becoming a new stylist and I am here to support you on your journey!

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