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Holiday Masks for Christmas and Hanukkah Are Here

Laura Epstein

The holidays are coming sooner than we expect so get ready with some of our fun face covers.  They are all made from stretch poly-blend fabric for maximum comfort with an inner layer is that is 100% cotton.  They include molding around nose and adjustable ear loops for a secure, snug fit.  

Hanukkah Masks

Our gorgeous Hanukkah masks have a black background and feature Dreidles, Menorahs and Stars of David.  They come in kids and one size fits all adult sizes.

hanukkah mask


Christmas Pattern Masks

Our collection of Christmas masks starts with a fun pattern available in three colors!  Unicorns with Santa hats, candy canes and presents decorate these kids and adult face covers.

christmas mask


Sweater And Plaid Masks

We also have two other types of Christmas mask!  The kids and adult Christmas sweater masks are a fun way to celebrate the holiday
christmas sweater mask
Our plaid Christmas face covers are a fun addition to family pictures or events.  We also have these for the little ones or adults.
christmas plaid face cover


Our holiday masks come in two sizes.  Our "One Size Fits Most" adult masks fit kids approximately six or seven through large women or average men.  Our children's masks fit smaller children age about two and up.

We would love to help you find some masks that you love.  Feel free to contact us for help on sizing or ordering.


christmas mask

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