Why I Left LuLaRoe for Paisley Raye

Paisley Raye

I am so excited that I am now a Paisley Raye stylist.  My decision to leave LuLaRoe was not an easy one and my process of deciding to join Paisley Raye was not short but now that I’m here I’d love to share some of the factors that went into making this fun change!

Why I Left LuLaRoe

I don’t want to dwell to much on why I left LuLaRoe because I generally had a very positive experience with the company.  My decision started with a gut feeling that the company wasn’t right for me when, as the mother of a child with special needs, the company made several choices that sat poorly with me.   I rationalized my decision to stay by saying that LuLaRoe was just a supplier of clothes and because my business was profitable I continued.  Time went on and LuLaRoe made several decisions that made me question what direction the company was going and if they were making the right decisions for all consultants.  I didn’t want to work for a company that I was questioning their motives all the time so I started the process of leaving and have never been more excited about my boutique’s future!

What Was Great About LuLaRoe

LuLaRoe was my first direct sales company and I learned SO much.  My business was successful (basically it was profitable and made me happy) and I gained the skills necessary to manage an inventory based boutique.

Why I Left LuLaRoe for Paisley Raye

Why I Joined Paisley Raye

I first heard about Paisley Raye in Brenda’s Ster’s Suite SassyPants and was intrigued.   I researched it and after a fun call with one of the founder’s I decided to make the switch.  Here’s why:

-I really liked the idea of being with a ground floor company.  Paisley Raye still has less than 100 stylists.  How cool is that?

-All the clothes are made in the USA!

-Paisley Raye also affords it’s consultants a lot of freedom in their boutique.  You can control how much and which styles you carry, similar to LuLaRoe, but you can also chose to carry other non-competing products.

-I was committed to continuing to provide clothing that had a great fit for everyone.  Paisley Raye uses two separate patterns for their plus size and standard size clothes to make sure that all body sizes have a great fit.


If you think Paisley Raye might be a great fit for you as a stylist please contact me.  I’d love to help you get started on your Paisley Raye journey.   If you think Paisley Raye clothing might be a great (literal) fit for you take a look around the boutique and I’d love to have you in my VIP group!

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